Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Wescover

As a maker or artist, once your work makes it out of your studio and finds a new home, it becomes a valuable but, often forgotten, marketing asset. That's why Wescover is mapping all the art and design objects around us— so artists get credit for, and promote their sold work. The site has become a great, free, marketing resource for independent and designer brands.  

The concept addresses a problem universal to "Creators" (artists, designers, and craftsmen behind physical creations). Whether you've sold through a curator to a hotel or from a market to a private home, your work takes on a new life when it's in context. It is now living among other exceptional design objects in well-curated spaces. It becomes a part of authentic experiences. It can inspire passersby to become fans and inspires potential buyers to imagine your work in their place. But, chances are, that's where your story ends.  

What if your piece had a gallery placard on it wherever it went?

What if everything unique (from paintings to sculptures and even furniture) had a tag on them telling you who made it and how? Every Creator could become a recognized name and attract new buyers— without a showroom…

Painting by Diana Greenberg as seen in Café No Sé, South Congress Hotel, Austin, TX on Wescover.

Painting by Diana Greenberg as seen in Café No Sé, South Congress Hotel, Austin, TX on Wescover.

Any Room is a Showroom

Wescover helps buyers find unique art and designs. Every item is credited and connected so buyers can discovered new artists locally or anywhere in the world. If they are curious about the art in their favorite restaurant or the lighting in their most beloved café, they can now find out who made it. If someone loves the Ace hotel for example, they can see who made the chandeliers, the custom murals, and even the pillows.

Every object is pictured in-context which helps viewers see how each work of art transforms the space around it. While the connections to the space and other designers in it show your credibility by association.


Getting Discovered

Wescover makes your work discoverable across the web and always credits you. While in-the-know design hunters frequent Wescover, if someone googles "who made the mural in the ace hotel" they'll find your Wescover page! The easy part is creators only have to submit the work once, then the Wescover team creates web pages for each item and make sure they're linked to you.

The Creator Community

The Wescover community includes a range of Creators, from installation artists to sculptors, woodworkers to interior designers. Each incredible space is the result of many creative hands and visionary minds. On Wescover these different types of Creators can connect and credit each others work. I love the idea of helping local artists connect, support, and credit each other’s work.

Paintings by Caroline Wright as seen in her West Austin Art Studio on Wescover.

Paintings by Caroline Wright as seen in her West Austin Art Studio on Wescover.

SO, HOW DOES THIS WORK? Submit Your Work to Wescover

Wescover welcomes creators of all kinds to submit their work to the site.  You start by creating a page about your brand (basic photo, bio, etc). Then you add images of your work in-context (ideally in public or known spaces so you can start with some connections). Once you submit the page, their team takes a day to review and post it. After you have a page setup, they will reach out to share a few ways to get featured.

Austin Artists & Designers, You are Invited to "Be a Creator"

I’m partnering with Wescover to expand their Austin artist network, collaborate with Austin creators to grow their business, and display their creativity (with recognition!). Wescover truly has the artists best interest at heart and wants to share your creations with as many people as possible. I wouldn’t recommend their platform if I didn’t 100% believe in what they are beginning to build for creatives around our country.

If you are a local creator, artist, ceramist or designer and you’d like to find out more about becoming a Wescover creator, begin your profile here!