Maker: farrah brothers

Farrah Brothers has a passion for giving new life to antique and vintage finds. Inspired by a childhood of collecting found items, Farrah began crafting one-of-a-kind up-cycled baubles by combining random trinkets (old keys, broken jewelry, etc) with new pieces to create adorably eclectic treasures. Her handmade designs are subtle and eclectic, an opposing combination pulled together in harmony. She created Farrah B Jewelry to showcase and share these recycled treasures that speak to jewelry lovers + old-souls of all ages.

favorite local curated boutique

Gypsy Wagon- SoCo- They have such a big heart for supporting locals.  I love this boutique!

go to mid-day snack or routine for creative fuel

We would love to say quinoa but chaos is our friend, so we usually just grab a bag of Cheetos. 

where do you create best

My studio- it’s the home of all the ingredients that make up our creations-- plus we get to play 90s Baywatch reruns in the background!  (Highly recommend cause they’re HILARIOUS!)

why did you chose to be a maker

I’ve alway loved to create—especially jewelry.  Even as a little girl I was drawn to small trinkets.  To give something  a new life or to create something from nothing sets my soul on fire!

what has been the most exciting moment so far of your craft

The most exciting single moment (and most terrifying) was the day I quit my corporate job to continue my passion full-time.  A close second was receiving my very first order from a boutique!  So rewarding and such a blessing to get to do what you love for a living!

where can supporters find your creations

In the Austin area, you can currently find our jewels in Gypsy Wagon, Tyler’s, Adelante, and Sincerely Yours :)

must-see recommendation for those traveling to austin

Would have to say South Congress (SoCo)! It really gives that true Austin feel! 

Why do you call Austin home

I love the unique culture, people, lifestyle, and of course the all around good vibes that Austin is filled with. 

Favorite song/artist/album for a spark of creativity

There are too many to name but the top artists that come to mind are always Willie Nelson, Stevie Nicks, Jimi Hendrix, and The Revivalists! We name a lot of our pieces after songs/artists.

biggest debate of all: coffee or tea, be specific ;)

Coffee gets the job done, Tea to wind down, and above all- Wine!

as a small business, how do you make sure your brand stands out

Always remembering why I started and staying true to the brand-- Acknowledging and appreciating trends but putting our own personal spin on them! Also, we manufacture everything locally!

who has had the most creative influence on your life

My mom hands down! She is so naturally creative and always thinking outside of the box. I grew up sewing, repurposing furniture, thrifting, jewelry making-- all things DIY. The woman can fix anything!

how important is shopping local to you

Supporting local is extremely important! So many people have supported me along the way! Helping others get to do what they love for a living... what a beautiful thing!

what is one thing you wish people knew about your designs

I would like for others to know how much love goes into our work. We’re obsessed with quality! And, everything is handmade in the US!  Even the majority of our supplies/materials are sourced from US companies.