We all have special ties to our favorite city, Austin. My deep roots to ATX are embodied in connecting to people who are dedicated to sharing their creative gifts with others in a sustainable + ethical way. Whether they are a local maker, serial entrepreneur, or a little bit of both ;) I truly believe something magical happens inside of our soul when we support someone we know and care about, especially during the holidays.

Below are creatives I support and rave about to new friends. There is something for everyone included in this guide. I haven’t featured any of these brands before on my blog and they are so freaking talented, they blow my mind with each new Instagram post sharing their work. If you are looking to try and sow back into the Austin community instead of clicking the robotic Amazon button this holiday season, please take a few minutes and check out my Austin Locals Only Holiday Gift Guide for 2018. I promise you each and every one of the creatives listed are 100% local to Austin, none of that funny business I’ve seen in other “Austin” holiday gift guides I’ve seen floating around out there ;) and I’ve included a short bio with additional information about the brand’s founders. See which one or multiple stories connects to you and show your support by clicking the button next to their picture. This will take you directly to their online shop to browse their designs and creations. Easy, right? Have fun!


Bee Amour is a small artisan jewelry company based in Austin Texas.  In 2009 our founder and designer, Anna Gieselman, started keeping bees in a small backyard hive.  It didn't take long for this "hobby" to infuse into her creative work and in 2012 Bee Amour was launched .  Fast forward to 2016 and our jewelry is now in over a dozen stores in several states and growing.  Every Bee Amour piece is hand made by Anna with help from her rockstar helper Jennifer during those extra busy times. We strive to create jewelry that not only looks and feels great but also embodies our unique story. Every purchase you make supports our creative vision and our mission to help save the bees so thank you!



When I was a little kid I would sit on my dad's lap and watch him create sculptures of people out of wire. At about 6 years old I started making my own sculptures. They were usually tiny and made out of a soft copper wire. I loved to make little skeletons, cowboys and helicopters. These day s I use a much sturdier type of steel wire. I also make a lot of wildlife sculptures now, but I still enjoy making cowboys and skeletons! Each sculpture is almost always one continuous wire that I bend with needle nose pliers. Sometimes I start at the nose, other times I start at the eyes. Then I slowly work out from that point until they start to look like the animal I am trying to create.

Each one turns out unique. What you see here is a good representation of what the animals I am offering look like, but no two end up the same. Sometimes I use a picture to study the animal, but other times I just see how I want to make it in my head. All of the sculptures are easy to hang on a wall. All you need is a single thumbtack!


ESPACIO HANDMADE: Katrina Marhefka

I noticed that the quality of men’s gifts was lacking the creative caliber of women’s gifts. Espacio Handmade was forged out of this void. Coupled with my graphic design background and with one successful handmade business under my belt, I launched enthusiastically into learning leathersmithing. I honed my craft into what you see today. Each piece is designed and made in my Austin, Texas studio. We honor the sacrifice of the animals by utilizing hides that are part of our food source. While we try to choose the most beautiful hides, this ain't no sissy leather; all scars are characteristics of the skin and the cow's life. Espacio Handmade’s goods are the essential accessories for getting up to no good, and looking damn fine in the process.



Drawing inspiration from the very heart of industry, Edgeworks Design strives to embody the strength and power of humanity's thirst for progress. Using salvaged materials from heavy machinery, I craft uniquely striking products, incorporating the very tools that propelled our country through the industrial age. At Edgeworks Design I believe in up-scaling the old and abandoned, retaking the throne of American ingenuity, and breathing new life into the fragments of a throw away culture otherwise forgotten.



It all started with an embarrassing problem: a flaky beard. Beard dandruff. My face had been bearded since the age of nineteen but every time my beard grew longer than half an inch it would begin to itch and flake to the point of madness. The discomfort would increase until I'd finally have to break out the #1 guard and trim it back. This was my routine for over a decade until one day my wife gave me some peppermint oil. That's where it all began.

I began to dabble with different carrier and essential oil combinations until I found something that brought relief. Some months later, over a pint, I started talking with a friend about my beard routine. One thing led to another and within a week I was making small bottles of beard oil for him. Word spread and The Bearded Savant was born. 

Now here we are. Some time has passed and there are a few more pairs of little hands wanting to help, but everything is still handmade, in small batches, down here in Austin, TX.



Nash & Cally was founded in 2016 by Tia Cripps. As a mom to two young boys (Nash & Callahan), Tia realized she had drawers of one-piece child garments that fulfilled one unique purpose, but none of them satisfied all her needs. She wanted a simple and seamless one-piece that would make life better for her kids and easier for her as a mom… and the Simplesuit was born!

The Nash & Cally Simplesuit streamlines all parent and child needs into a single garment and includes:

  • A two-way zipper allowing the one-piece to be zipped from the top or the bottom making for lightning quick diaper changes.

  • Fold over hand cuffs that let you easily cover your baby’s hands for warmth and protection from those inevitable baby scratches.

  • Removable foot cuffs to keep your little one’s feet warm and detach when your child wants to go barefoot and free.

  • A backdoor peephole (our favorite feature!) to check for dirty diapers without having to undress your little one.

Made in the USA, designed in Austin, the Simplesuit is produced with durable, soft cotton/spandex fabric that stretches to keep up with your fast growing baby. Our suits come in several bold, bright and fun fabrics for both little boys and girls.


WHISKEY BOAT GOODS: Eddie Kloesel + Morgan Sellers

Created in June 2016, Whiskey Boat Goods takes products you use daily and handcrafts them to unique perfection. 

We began this journey by creating products that we wanted to try out and use around our home. When purchasing items at our local chain stores, we noticed that the quality of the goods we were purchasing simply did not line up with our expectations. We quickly realized we were not getting the quality we hoped for the price we were paying. Most products, we found, were well overpriced and were created with zero care. We, at Whiskey Boat Goods, take pride in every item we make. Before selling, every product is tested and tried first hand by ourselves and the individuals closest to us. From our trial and errors come your benefit and gain.

The name “Whiskey Boat Goods” was derived from one of our favorite movies: Lonesome Dove. The movie conveys the underlying message that we, at Whiskey Boat Goods, stand for: vision, ethics, and quality.



Adventure Assist started as the project of two entrepreneurs and avid travelers who shared a passion for traveling with a purpose. From that philosophy, the Adventure Assist travel notebook was born. 

This travel-friendly notebook helps organize the most important details of any adventure. A hybrid between a travel planner and travel journal, it was created based on hundreds of travel experiences and includes only the most relevant and useful sections.

With the authentic traveler in mind, its minimal design maximizes space while assisting you during any length of trip. The notebook is the perfect tool to plan your travels and also an incredible place to journal your thoughts or store mementos. Not to mention, it's a beautiful keepsake to relive your journey for years to come.

Here at Adventure Assist, we believe in knowing your options and being able to reference them easily and efficiently. Whether you like to plan ahead or figure it out as you go, we're here to help.  

Created for travelers, by travelers.


FLAVNT Streetwear is an Austin-based independent clothing brand for everyone within and anyone who supports the LGBTQ+ community. Started with the goal of creating clothes that promote confidence and pride, FLAVNT is all about being comfortable with who you are and flaunting that to the world. We promote this message of self-love and confidence through our designs and actions by supporting the LGBTQ community as a whole, as well as impacting individual lives through our fundraising initiatives.

We absolutely believe that everyone should give back to their community as much as possible, however they can. We use our social visibility to show the world that not everyone fits into the gender/social binary and nobody has to. We feature gay, straight, queer, and trans models in an attempt to highlight a community that is often overlooked. Additionally, our manufacturing team for our Bareskin Binders is run by a woman of color and features an all-woman team here in Texas, supporting a local female-owned business. This paired with our fundraising partnerships are just a couple ways that we try and give back to the people who help to support our brand and our vision.


Corey Carbo Studio

Corey is a Designer and Illustrator based in Austin, the breakfast taco capital of the world. A Louisiana-native and Texas-transplant, her best days are spent creating magnetic and relatable designs.

She puts the "fun" in “funk” and can’t help but believe that everything is more spirited when handspun! Her work is up-for-anything, hand-drawn and always from the heart.