Why do you call Austin homE

I chose to call Austin home after deciding that it was the perfect place to open my first brick and mortar for APT F. The weather is mostly great and the city is growing so rapidly! It’s fun to be a part of it.

Favorite song/artist/album for a spark of creativity

Honestly? I listen to quite a bit of Drake when I need a pick-me-up.

Biggest debate of all: coffee or tea

Definitely coffee.  With all of the great coffee shops over here on the east side, it’s hard to resist.

Who do you follow for instagram inspiration

Ahh so many! @mrorlandosoria because he ALWAYS makes me laugh, @alison_wu because she is such a badass, @lrnce, @em_henderson, @wearepampa, @popandscott, @designlovefest, @ana_morais, @clairezinnecker

Go to mid-day snack or routine for creative fuel


Where do you create best

Outside. My go-to lately has been Cenote because they have such a great outdoor garden

Why did you choose to begin the APT F adventure

I used to dream of having a boutique as a little girl. I loved creating things and was constantly wanting to paint walls a new color, move furniture around, etc. As I grew older and started traveling more, I began to fall in love with textiles and the stories behind them. Then as I actually started to really believe in the idea of APT F coming to life, I loved even more the idea of having not only a store but a brand.

What has been the most exciting moment so far of APT F

The day that over 200 people showed up to my grand opening, when I seriously was expecting maybe 20 max. THAT was quite the shocker and honestly the best feeling in the world to have the support of a community that I had just moved to 3 months prior.

How do you make sure your brand stands out

I try to give APT F as much of a voice as possible. I’ve always wanted it to be a relatable concept, and one that is inviting to everyone.

Who has had the most creative influence on your life

My grandmother. I still call her about every single [sometimes crazy] idea I have!

How has social helped your brand

Social has allowed me to interact with so many people without them ever stepping foot in the brick and mortar.  Many people come into the shop for the first time and tell us that they discovered APT F on Instagram. The reach is tremendous!

What other artists have you loved collaborating with, if any

Weathered Coalition (they have been so so supportive since day one and I look forward to working more with them in the future), Karacotta on some past and upcoming workshops, Katrina O’Day

Tell us about the importance of shopping sustainable brands

More times than not when shopping sustainable, the customer is not only supporting APT F but another artist that took ample amount of time making that object.

What is special about the products you choose to sell in the shop

With each product I bring into the shop, I assess if it is on brand with APT F. I try to stick to a certain aesthetic while also keeping in mind needs of my customers. Products in the shop are either locally made, sustainably made in the US, or ethically sourced from around the world.  Everything in the shop has a story.

How important is shopping local to you

As an owner of a small business, I think it is SO important to support fellow local small business owners. It’s such a tough job and the hard work should never go unnoticed.  At APT F we love collaborating with other local artists.

How has the Austin community supported you

As APT F has continued to collaborate with local artists and makers, our network has grown and the word has gotten out about APT F.  I think that in Austin, everyone really just wants others to succeed in their endeavors.

Would you be open to a design collab with a local Austin artist

Yes, we are always into new partnerships and collabs.

What is one thing you wish people knew about APT F

That it is not on dirty 6.. And we DO have free parking?! Haha no. I wish for everyone to know what a communal, safe space it truly is.


Must-see recommendations for those traveling to Austin

Making their way allll the way East is well worth it! Also - I love taking people to the greenbelt and barton springs.

Favorite local food truck

Newest obsession - Dee Dee Thai! It just moved across the street from us and is DELICIOUS.

Favorite local curated boutique

Take Heart was one of the first shops I visited in Austin a couple years ago and I immediately fell in love with the feel of it. Nina curates such a wonderful selection!

Favorite local coffee shop

Really loving the new Greater Goods space on Pedernales and 5th

Where can supporters find your shop?

We are located at 2505 East 6th street, Unit E and online ALL the time at shopaptf.com IG @apt.f