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Hey there, I'm Brooke, the face behind The Creative Admirer: native Austinite, addicted to cappuccinos + empanadas + hats + creative communities.

As a super fan of all things creative, I found myself constantly on the hunt to learn more about my local makers. I didn't want to purchase a product simply because I enjoyed the design aesthetic. I wanted to know everything, the story behind it, what makes it unique, how it was effecting my community, etc.

Through sharing the stories of artists and the meaning behind their work, I hope you're inspired to reach out to your local makers and support those investing in your community. If you're interested in learning more about The Creative Admirer project, click the link below!

Photo: Madeline Hall Photography

Photo: Madeline Hall Photography


VERB to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval

ORIGIN 1580-90: Latin, to wonder at, admire

Artists each have a unique personality and story FOR how they began to grow their craft. The Creative Admirer was born to share the "all too real" moments of a creative life + the impact community has on makers. Helping you, the consumer, connect more with your local artists and shop with a purpose.